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All restaurant operators, physician’s offices, hotels or shops know it only all too well: at any place where many guests, patients, customers or visitors enter and leave every day, dirt from roads and moisture can rapidly become a serious problem: on the average, 70 percent of it is spread by visitors in your premises. The use of dust control mats can be of help here: On account of the marked reduction in the amount of dirt brought in, the carpet material remains clean for a longer time – the mats also take in large amounts of moisture on wet days reducing the danger of slipping in the tiled region of the visitor area considerably. However, even dust control mats must be regularly cleaned or replaced once they have served their term.


Our affordable mat rental service provides you the perfect solution:

You select the mat(s) which you need from our wide range of dirt control mats, specify a period of time – and we exchange your soiled mats on the desired day for clean ones. You need not bother about the purchase or the cleaning of the mat(s). If a mat is damaged, it is automatically replaced with a new mat by us.


The prices include

the rent of the mat(s)

the washing and impregnation of the mat

exchanging the mat(s) at time intervals specified by you


Logo mats

No matter, whether at your home or in the entrance of your business premises: with our customizable logo mats, you already stamp your individuality right at the entrance.

When designing your personalized logo mats, you can select from 40 different colors; as regards the company layout, there are hardly any restrictions on the specific designs you wish for.


The washable mats offered by us are more impressive than the commercially available doormats on account of their extreme durability. It goes without saying that we also undertake the maintenance of these high-quality mats – in order that your entrance area always remains clean.


Just ask us – we would be only too happy to provide you with an individual offer!

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