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Textilpflege Eichberger OHG has two reasons to celebrate: The family business, which is celebrating its 160th birthday this year, is the winner of the "RWin2021" industry award in the special category "Employee Management.


The Eichbergers are already running the company in the fifth generation. Leopold Eichberger founded the textile care business in 1861. Thomas Eichberger and his wife Sigrid took over the business from their parents in 1998. Together, they restructured the company into a modern and sustainable craft business. "Only a team that sticks together can be successful," is the philosophy of the businessmen, for which they have now received an award. The trade magazine R+WTextilservice has been awarding the prize, which is highly regarded in the industry, since 2009. With their "Social Sustainability" concept, the winners prevailed over competitors from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Sigrid and Thomas Eichberger put the well-being of their employees first. By offering flexible working hours and paying above the minimum wage, they show appreciation for their employees, was the jury's verdict. "There are few companies that work so cleanly," said juror Dieter Essing in his laudatory speech. You can tell right away how important her 20 or so employees are to Sigrid Eichberger. "That employee over there is already retired, but he still comes four days a week. And this employee comes from Albania, today she passed her driver's license test," says the managing director. For her, it has always been clear that people are not human capital. Rather, she sees her employees as part of the family. That's why the Eichbergers do a lot to enable their employees to reconcile family and career. The Eichbergers have been following their principles for 28 years.


Alexander Stahl, Managing Director of the Chamber of Crafts of Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate, was also full of praise. On the occasion of the 160th anniversary, he presented the family with the Gold Medal of Honor. "Your company anniversary is remarkable and no longer a matter of course in today's generation," he said. The children Ludwig, Theresa and Katharina are already in the starting blocks.

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