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Top quality at fair prices

Since 1861our name stands for comprehensive service and highest quality in textile care. From miniskirt to wedding dress, from shorts to suits: clothing is a matter close to our heart. That is why we treat each garment – as also other fabrics which you placed in our trust – exactly as if they were our own. Maintaining the elegance and the value of your clothes „dear to your heart“ is our highest priority. We offer you the best quality at fair prices,  fast deliveries and excellent customer service. And all of this already in the fifth generation.


Apropos responsibility:

Only the most modern and eco-friendly processes are used in our chemical cleaning and laundry units. These ensure

an excellent as well as a gentle cleaning of your fabrics and guarantee, in addition, that even the environment is kept spotless.

Moreover, as a family-run business enterprise, the focus is on the individual. This applies for both, the personalized service provided to our customers and the satisfaction of our staff. Only a team that holds

together can succeed. Our steadily increasing number of satisfied

customers strengthens our endeavors to continue on this path

also in future.


Quality and responsibility – that is the benchmark

by which you can measure us. Day after day.

Always at your service:
Sigrid und Thomas Eichberger


Our services at a glance

  • mat service

    All restaurant operators, physician’s offices, hotels or shops know it only all too well: at any place where many guests, patients, customers or visitors enter and leave every day, dirt from roads and moisture can rapidly become a serious problem: on the average, 70 percent of it is spread by visitors in your premises. The use of dust control mats can be of help here: On account of the marked reduction in the amount of dirt brought in, the carpet material remains clean for a longer time – the mats also take in large amounts of moisture on wet days reducing the danger of slipping in the tiled region of the visitor area considerably. However, even dust control mats must be regularly cleaned or replaced once they have served their term.


    Our affordable mat rental service provides you the perfect solution:

    You select the mat(s) which you need from our wide range of dirt control mats, specify a period of time – and we exchange your soiled mats on the desired day for clean ones. You need not bother about the purchase or the cleaning of the mat(s). If a mat is damaged, it is automatically replaced with a new mat by us.


    The prices include

    the rent of the mat(s)

    the washing and impregnation of the mat

    exchanging the mat(s) at time intervals specified by you


    Logo mats

    No matter, whether at your home or in the entrance of your business premises: with our customizable logo mats, you already stamp your individuality right at the entrance.

    When designing your personalized logo mats, you can select from 40 different colors; as regards the company layout, there are hardly any restrictions on the specific designs you wish for.


    The washable mats offered by us are more impressive than the commercially available doormats on account of their extreme durability. It goes without saying that we also undertake the maintenance of these high-quality mats – in order that your entrance area always remains clean.


    Just ask us – we would be only too happy to provide you with an individual offer!

  • DELIVERY service

    Cleaning can get no easier: On request, we shall be happy to collect the laundry to be serviced directly from your house or office and return them cleaned and ironed.


    Benefit also from our special pickup service for laundry of senior citizens – whether under garments to outer garments. On time, spotlessly clean – and all that at fair prices.


    All it takes is a phone call! Telephone 0851 55303


    Today, fabric cleaning is more than „just“ fabric care. It helps in retaining the value of all kinds of woven fabrics as well as protecting them – in gastronomy, at the workplace and in your homes. That is the reason we take the greatest care when cleaning and allow only the latest technology  to come in contact with „your laundry“: From wedding dress to costumes, from leather, carpet and curtain cleaning to mangle or ironing services, from a batch of laundry to individualized fabric cleaning in accordance with the damage from fire and water.


    When speed is of the essence: we offer an Express-Service Monday to Thursday for cleaning outer garments.


    you shall have your favorite item back within 24 hours!


    Premium quality – just in time: In the hotel and restaurant industries as well as in many other business areas, perfect cleanliness and a well-groomed exterior are considered features worthy of advertising. Be it the cleaning of curtains, beds, pillows and mattresses, bed, bathroom and table linen for hotels and restaurants or be it the servicing of work-wear ranging from service dress to the jacket of the emergency doctor. Our excellent laundry care provides a hygienic and skin-friendly cleanliness of your fabrics and also ensures the durability of your linen.


Almost like live on site - our acceptance point in 3d view



Wednesday at last!

Every Wednesday is trousers day in Spitalhofstraße: for only 6,00 Euro per pair.


This offer is valid only at the main branch,

     Spitalhofstr. 90, Passau!

holiday service

After your holiday stress-free back to everyday life: bring us your holiday laundry for washing and ironing. Offers and further information on the following telephone: 0851 55303


This offer is valid only at the main branch,

     Spitalhofstr. 90, Passau!

Batch laundry service

Time is precious. For anyone who absolutely does not want to

spend time in front of the washing-machine, we have our batch laundry service (basket or bag) on offer: for a reasonable per kilo price of only 3,00 Euro*.


*Minimum price 15,00 Euro for laundry per batch; no guarantee for sorting and possible discoloration and damage to shape.


This offer is valid only at the main branch,

     Spitalhofstr. 90, Passau!

Don't feel like ironing your shirts?

Our top-seller: With our shirt-service your short returns to top

form – for only 2.70 Euro per shirt. We offer something extra

to it. When you hand in 11 shirts, the 11th SHIRT IS CLEANED FREE OF CHARGE!


This offer is valid only at the main branch,

     Spitalhofstr. 90, Passau!


We clean according to the highest hygiene standards


Our company is certified by

EFIT for textile cleaning

RAL 992/1 for object and household laundry

RAL 992/3 for laundry from food production plants


Collection points



In the city alone, we have 4 collection points, an additional 6 collection points between Tiefenbach, Büchlberg, Hauzenberg, Obernzell and Neuburg – it just doesn’t get any more comfortable and convenient! And you save time and money – just hand in your laundry at any one of our depots and collect your cleaned fabrics within a week at the same point again! (no express service at our depots)


  • Collection Points Passau city

    Marktgasse 6

    Lotto Toto Brauneis
    Telefon: 0851 7568368


    Dr.-Fritz-Ebbert-Straße 1

    EDEKA Aktivmarkt Schwaiberger
    Telefon: 0851 49390


    Alte Straße 63

    EDEKA Aktivmarkt Schwaiberger
    Telefon: 0851 756606


    Passauer Straße 21

    EDEKA Aktivmarkt Plechinger
    Telefon: 0851 46334

  • Collection Points Passau country

    Tiefenbach // Weidenecker Straße 7

    EDEKA Aktivmarkt Schwaiberger

    Telefon: 08509 91110


    Büchlberg // Marktplatz 1A

    EDEKA Aktivmarkt Escherich
    Telefon: 08505 91090


    Hauzenberg // Pfarrer-Zellbeck-Weg 4

    EDEKA Aktivmarkt Escherich

    Telefon: 08586 976266


    Obernzell // Marktplatz 18

    Lotto Toto Kainz
    Telefon: 08591 755


    Neuburg/Inn // Schärdinger Straße 4

    EDEKA Aktivmarkt Hehenberger
    Telefon: 08507 444


    Neuhaus/Inn // Rabensteinfeld 7

    REWE Nahkauf Hufnagl OHG
    Telefon: 08503 247


write us – your request is important to us!



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Our company is certified by

EFIT for textile cleaning

RAL 992/1 for object and household laundry

RAL 992/3 for laundry from food production plants

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